In love since childhood with wildlife and Nature, it’s during the art studies that I decide to pursue photography in the wild wonders that every day occur in the eyes of those who love and observe them.
My great passion is focused mainly towards big mammals and birds, with a special attraction for the species of the Northern Hemisphere: the Great North has always aroused very strong emotions in me.

Prerogative of my work is the attempt to place on the same level the aesthetic, emotional and naturalistic visions.
Photographing a wild animal in the end becomes - after being a patient and friendly challenge to the subject - a burning desire for knowledge and conservation of the fragile and fascinating biodiversity of our planet.

Although my main passion is wildlife, I can't deny enjoying, when conditions dictate it for its beauty, also photographing landscapes, especially those of my beloved Alps or the Great North.

Since several years my main project is called “Il Popolo del Freddo” (Living in the Cold),  fully dedicated to the North of our planet and  its amazing wildlife.

andrea zampatti